Videotron STB

Videotron STB Energy Information

This site provides information about the energy efficiency of STB models that have been purchased by Videotron since January 1, 2017. This site will be updated as Videotron adds new devices to its inventory. Note that STBs deployed by cable operators are specific to such cable operator’s particular network, system configuration, headend, and software; contact your local cable operator to determine the STBs available for service in your location. The power measurements herein represent the STBs generally configured as they are deployed in the cable operators’ networks, running the operators’ software, and measured in accordance with the test procedures as specified in CEEVA.  The energy use of an individual STB may vary.

MakeModelTypeFeaturesOn Power (W)Sleep Power (W)APD Power (W)TEC (kWh/yr)
CiscoDTA270HDCable DTAHD5.044.96-50
Cisco4642HDCableAPD, AVP, D2, HD, HNI16.1413.0813.12125
SamsungGXVD940CJCableAPD, AVP, CC, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS, UHD, HEVP22.8020.1020.52200
Cisco9887HDCableAPD, AVP, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS27.0219.2619.36192
TechnicolorCAV10455HDCableAPD, AVP, DVR, D3, HD, MR, MS, UHD, HEVP21.5016.8716.79174
TechnicolorCAV10242HDCableAPD, AVP, D3, HD, HNI, UHD, HEVP14.8013.3713.37130

Feature Key

ShortcutFeature Name
APDAutomatic Power Down enabled by default
AVPAdvanced Video Processing
DVRDigital Video Recorder
HDHigh Definition
HNIHome Networking Interface
UHDUltra High Definition (4K)
HEVPHigh Efficiency Video Processing